Hi! I’m Heather Smith.

Welcome to Crow Advice!

Birds have always been a special fascination for me. They are skilled, strong, and beautiful creatures that play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance.

At Crow Advice, I share all of my experiences and discoveries with my readers and inspire them to appreciate these amazing animals even more.

Why I created this site has an insightful true story.

From my childhood, I loved observing wildlife—especially birds—and asking questions about their behavior and cognition.

Over time, crows captivate me most and leave us with a profound sense of wonder. They teach me about the living planet and how we relate to it. I realize when they vanish, it means we’ve overburdened and degraded our ecosystems and seas. It shows that we humans may discover ways to flourish and protect wildlife and the natural environment.

After studying crows and other corvids for some time, I perceived that they were the core field of interest for me. I have been hooked on them ever since.

In response to dead crows, I devote myself to figuring out what American crows do and why. Afterward, I start researching included field-based projects observing wild crows with the help of a robust team made of corvid enthusiasts. We put our findings and experts’ understanding together to create Crow Advice.

Crow Advice believes that people will take better care of the World’s animal species if they are aware of their existence. As a result, we are quickly becoming the most reliable source of animal information on the internet.

So that everyone can trust the information presented here represents the most current understanding of a certain species, we maintain ourselves to the highest standards of meticulous research and accuracy. When feasible, we also include the conservation status of an animal so that readers may take action to save a species.

Unfortunately, it is conspicuous that most people in modern times are going about nature protection totally in the wrong way. Many people are intrigued by the idea of awakening their naturalist instincts, but few take the necessary steps to develop their skills with plants and birds in their local ecosystem.

That is why we are here. We make people aware through our words. The articles on this site are for people, who love birds and nature as much as we do.

We hope you find this website both informative and easy to use. Our articles are designed to help you learn more about a variety of crow topics, and we hope you’ll come back to us again and again when you have questions.